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Meditation and Sleeping Pyramids

Hand made copper or pvc pyramids for meditation or sleeping under! If you have never meditated inside a pyramid you are really missing out!

I offer the Giza style which is more relaxing and helps with "tuning in" during meditation and the Nubian style that was brought to attention by Russian scientists. The Nubian or Russian Pyramid is much more steep than the Giza, the energy inside is charged quite a bit more. Both are made using the Golden Ratio 

The 6 foot copper pyramid can come with either copper wire for the base so your pyramid can be put away when not in use or I can make it with a solid copper base if it will be stationary. Let me know during check out


All my items are made with the most loving intentions set into them

 ~ love and light ~

Meditating inside a pyramid, or underneath a pyramid, is called Pyramid Meditation. 

The feelings people can experience range from calmness to extreme euphoria during their session. Many people who have explored pyramid meditation, have described it as being in a total zone of relaxation.

People have also described the effectiveness of tuning out external chaos, and finally, quieting repetitive and distractive thought patterns. As a result, the lack of chaos enables people to achieve an altered state of consciousness, which allows them to focus on deep levels of inner awareness.

Many cultures believe the Pineal Gland (or third eye) is our connection point to the Universe (or God).

Meditating under a pyramid is known to unblock and activate this important gland. Once unblocked and activated, the pineal gland can be used to access your supernatural powers. I like to compare it to (arguably one of the best movies of all time) The Matrix. When you have clear access to your subconscious mind, you may be able to instantly learn a new language, or a martial art, or a new career skill…

The Matrix may be a fictional movie, BUT who’s to say instant downloads from your subconscious mind are impossible? Only your conscious mind! When you take the pill of ultimate mind expansion (in the form of daily meditation), there’s no limit to what you can manifest.

If you loved The Matrix movie as much as I did, here’s your chance to apply the Matrix in your life!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in your meditation practice, a pyramid can provide the most effective, high-energy environment for achieving a deep state of relaxation and euphoria.

Meditating under a copper pyramid can significantly reduce the level of stress and tension in your physical body. It is also extremely powerful at transforming your emotional blockages, whether you know what they are or not.

The reason is because the energy works on you at a higher, invisible frequency and dimension than you can perceive with your senses in physical reality. I like to call this energy The Power of the Pyramid. Once I started my pyramid meditation I tapped into energy I was not aware that I had and it has been amazing.

The origin of the word “pyramid”, comes from Greece and literally means “fire in the middle” (pyro= fire, amid= in the middle). Of the four elements, fire represents energy and power.

Many people believe the great pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, were built to balance the energies of the earth.

Take a look at a world map and you will see how the great pyramids are located precisely at the center of earth’s land mass.

People have also claimed that the pyramids were built as a tool that can be used to tap into altered realities, parallel universes, and probably even higher states of consciousness.

Presently, that same ancient knowledge and wisdom is being used to create modern-day energy store houses. Many people have constructed large meditation pyramids that fit in their home or office.

Pyramid meditation has endless potential benefits. It has been used to preserve milk, produce, and other perishable foods. Experiments have suggested that an apple kept under a pyramid will not rot, even after several days.

People have claimed their used razors and knives remain sharpened for months, when kept under a smaller pyramid. I have sharpened scissors with mine. Pyramid meditation is also said to have health and healing benefits. By performing this practice regularly, wounds, bruises, and burns tend to heal much quicker; it aids in weight loss, and increases your resistance to disease. Antibiotics become approximately 200 times more potent when charged inside a pyramid. This has been scientifically proven.

Copper pyramid meditation has been used to cure asthma, numb toothaches, regulate blood pressure,  alleviate arthritis symptoms, soothe and eliminate migraines, fight the common cold, lessen epilepsy attacks, and promote normal sleep patterns.

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