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Crystal Essence Drops
Crystal Essence Drops
Crystal Essence Drops

Crystal Essence Drops

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A crystal essence

is the unique vibratory energy pattern of a crystal


into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of water.

Hand made Full Moon Crystal Essence Drops

If you prefer a specific crystal that is not listed please let me know.

Made under the full moon with loving intentions and then charged on my energy plates

~ love and light ~

An "essence" is just that - the essence of something.  In this case,  it is the vibratory essence of a single crystal imprinted in water. A crystal essence is water that carries the essential, specific energy of a donor crystal.

The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focusing of the Universal Life Force. In the production of essence, water absorbs the crystal's energy pattern, potentiates it, and stores it.

While the science of these transfers is yet to be fully understood until the science of quantum physics is matured, the efficacy of crystal essences made from them  has been accepted by cultures for thousands of years. 

The ancient Chinese used essences of jade, cinnabar, and hematite for longevity. The famous text "Tan Chin Yao Ch'eh" from about 600 AD discusses the creation of essence from mercury, sulfur, and precious stones. The oldest Indian texts speak of essence.

Crystals have a structure called a lattice. It is an organization of of molecules in a pattern. This pattern affects the way the crystal grows and contributes   significantly to its unique abilities to absorb, focus and amplify the Universal Life Force. The vibrations at the molecular level within the lattice form resonances that reintroduce healthy stability on the bio-molecular level when there is an out-of-balance energy within an organism. These molecular level vibrations can essentially imprint patterns in the auric and bio-molecular fields of water which then in turn can pass on those vibratory healing patterns to another auric or bio-molecular field, like that of a person, animal, or plant.

This is pure crystal essence made with spring water and apple cider vinegar as a preservative. 30 ml dropper bottles. As always, made in the highest vibration of love

Dosage instructions:

High Energy Crystals - 4 drops per 8 oz of water - 2 doses daily 7-14 days

Normal Energy Crystals - 3-4 drops per 8 oz of water - 3-4 doses daily up to 30 days

Calming Crystals - 6-8 drops per 8 oz of water - 3-4 doses daily as needed